Intercultural Competencies for European Project Managers and Teams

Virtual Intercultural Team Tool

AEDI 2008 Managing Multilateral Projects in the Lifelong Learning Programme

How this tool works

First you will need to register and create your own project account. Your team members can
set up accounts and join the project. Each team member can then work through the different
sections of the tool at the appropriate times during your project. The team’s responses
then be collated by the system and you can discuss the results as a team.
Kick Off Tool: will provide you with ideas on activities you can do with your team during the
kick off meeting. Main aims here are to build up the team spirit and to agree on common ground rules.

The kick off tool covers the following:

Learning styles
Organisational culture
Personal characteristics
Technical issues
Monitoring Tool: is a set of questions you can regularly ask you and your team during the
whole lifespan of your project. This can be done at pre-agreed stages during the project or as and
and when required. The results from this activity raises an awareness of how the team can improve
their performance and raises issues to be discussed in future meetings.

The monitoring tool covers the following:

Team work
Project delivery
Project Management
Self reflection
Monitoring of the ground rules
Evaluation Tool: provides you with a number of activities and questions you can use in order to evaluate
the activities undertaken using the VITT and evaluate the impact of intercultural differences on your project.
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